Technology for Drinking Water

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Water is precious | 70 percent of the surface of the earth is covered by water. The worldwide supply is estimated to be approximately 1.4 billion cubic kilometres. Nonetheless, well over 97 percent is salt water; only approximately three percent is fresh water. In addition, only a small part of this is drinkable.

We make water drinkable | KOW Watertreatment stands for an effective and economically profitable drinking water processing - whether in the maritime sector or for the land-based application. At the same time, we vest in the proven reverse osmosis technology that finds application in individualised design solutions for the demand of every single customer. Short amortization periods, a durable availability and reliability as well as a constantly high water quality characterise the KOW Watertreatment plants.

Free economic viability calculation

Free economic viability calculation

With only 7 statements, we can present you within the shortest time with the manner how your water supply can be optimised.